Solar DC cables are available with following features:

The cable is particularly water repellent and can be laid directly underground. UL2566 (internal examination) Long-term insulation resistance test in water bath at 90°C >3GΩ*m (internal examination)

Nominal voltage: 1,5kV DC and 1,0 kV AC

Maximum permitted operating voltage: 1,8kV DC (Internal examination: 2,0kV DC) Short-circuit-temperature: 250° C/5s

Reinforced cable sheath: Impact-Resistance UL 854.23 and Crushing-Resistance UL 854.24 (internal examination)

UV stability: Tensile strength and ultimate-elongation after 720 h (360 cycles) ≥ 70% of initial values; EN 50289-4-17 acc. method A; EN ISO 4892-1 (2000) and EN ISO 4892-2 (2006)


Cable Connectors and Accessories

Pre-assembled cables, minimize the amount of installation work and increase operational safety with customized ready-to-plug cables for your system. SEVEN Solar provides high quality cable harnesses & extensions, splitters, inline fuses, inline diodes, string cable harnesses for thin film modules, cable adaptors, plug connectors and accessories.

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