SEVEN Solar Solutions – Operation & Maintenance Services

Are dirty solar panels costing you money?

Dirty solar panels can lose up to 20% of their efficiency, costing you hundreds of dollars every year.

Dust, dirt, leaves and pollen can all contribute to making your solar panels cloudy and ineffective. The rain is not enough to clean them – in fact, it can make them dirtier due to the minerals it deposits it leaves behind once dried.

SEVEN Solar uses chemical-free products and pure water to make your panels sparkling clean. Our equipment is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly, ensuring a stain-free finish for maximum sunlight absorption.

Standard service includes a pre-rinse, a scrub (using a white glass grade cleaning pad) and then a final rinse. We only use pure DI water to ensure no water spots are left behind.

SEVEN Solar provides regular solar panel maintenance and cleaning to ensure your system is running to maximum capability and you receive the full benefit of your power supply. This efficient running can also lead to massive cost saving with the feed in tariffs and solar credits through solar panel rebates. Installing solar power provides many benefits and we are here to ensure you receive all of these.

Programmed Maintenance

SEVEN Solar is guided by our three maintenance management rules. We understand when maintaining services that:

  1. Preventative Maintenance will result in minimum downtime.
  2. Predictive Maintenance will result in maximum uptime.
  3. Efficient Performance Management will result in optimized processes and energy minimization.

With these three rules in mind we set up our programmed maintenance service to ensure your facility is running at optimal levels all year round.